Marilyn Davis

Marilyn Davis, M.A., PsyD – IMF #74593
Marriage and Family Therapist, Intern


Dr. Marilyn Davis graduated from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, in Irvine with her master of arts (M.A.) in clinical psychology with a MFT specialization in 2012, and her doctor of psychology (Psy.D.) in 2016.  She holds a certification in Family Medical Therapy (2014), and she is a registered California Board of Behavioral Science (BBS) registered marriage and family therapy intern (IMFT # 74593).  As a mental health clinician, she works with individuals, couples, children, families, and groups. Dr. Davis is also a certified batterers’ intervention program facilitator per California penal code section 1203.097 and 1203.098 and facilitates domestic violence and child batterer groups.  

Dr. Davis’ therapeutic approach is eclectic, based on both existential and humanistic tenets, and the client’s unique needs.  She uses the biopsychosocial approach in assessing clients that present for therapy, especially paying attention to psychological, social, and relational issues, such as academic functioning, adapting to chronic illness, anger management, attachment, traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, academic functioning, grief and loss, interpersonal relationships, resilience building, and suicidality. Many of these challenges can be worked through with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  Dr. Davis believes that although many factors contribute to how one sees oneself in relation to the world and others, one’s attachment history from early life might be the most revealing factor about current struggles.   

Dr. Davis thesis work was on identifying traumatized children and youth. She developed a trauma-focused teacher training program for primary school teachers to help them learn how to do just that. 

Dr. Davis has worked in the healthcare field as a registered nurse (RN) for more than 27 years, serving in many capacities from patient caregiver to director.  She is an educator who continues to learn from our constant changing physical, political, and social environments.  She teaches public health, and human development courses in higher ed.  Subjects range from access to quality care, population health and health disparities, developmental milestones, impact of early life experiences on development, to disease control and prevention, to economic health disparities.