Marital Counseling

Olive Branch Counseling Center is guided by the belief that marriage is the foundation of the family. Therefore, if you want a strong, healthy family, a happy marriage is a good place to begin. But like all relationships, a harmonious marriage can sometimes be quite challenging to develop and maintain. There are a variety of issues that impact marriage. First, there are the stresses and strains of everyday life. We attempt to balance busy lives and take care of our responsibilities. Secondly, individuals bring different points of view, expectations, and beliefs into a marriage. Conflict therefore, naturally arises. Thirdly, we bring “baggage” and hurts from the past into our current relationships. When our heart has been hurt and wounded, it can influence how we interact with others. It can also hinder our ability to form satisfying and enduring intimate relationships.

All of these issues have an enormous impact on marriage. Consequently, conflicts can arise that are difficult to resolve and the love between you becomes strained. That is where marriage counseling can help. With the guidance and support of one of our professional therapists, you can work through the difficulties in your marriage.

Some of the benefits of marriage counseling include:

  • Learning how to build and sustain the love between the two of you
  • Healing the wounds of the heart
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Learning how to effectively communicate with each other
  • The development of individual and couple goals
  • Gaining a greater appreciation for each other
  • Identifying your strengths and areas of potential growth
  • Developing deeper intimacy with each other