Career Counseling & Workplace Issues

During our life there may be times when the work that is being done no longer provides satisfaction and we are faced with making a decision to change jobs or careers, re-enter the workforce after raising children, or recover from a job loss. It is during such time that unbiased professional guidance may be helpful. Our professional therapists will provide helpful self-assessments and job search skills and resources to help you make such an important decision.

In addition to personal career decisions, the workplace can, at times, be a source of stress leading to job dissatisfaction. This stress can lead to physical symptoms such as severe headaches, anxiety, panic attacks, alcohol and drug abuse, or depression due to a demanding workload or co-worker/supervisor relationship problems. It is during this time that speaking to someone who can listen and help teach skills to resolve these workplace issues is just what you need. Our professional therapists offer non-judgmental, objective guidance in managing workplace stress.