Anger Management Support Group

The therapeutic approach to an Anger Management Program involves a client who sees a licensed therapist to try to discover the sources of anger, and the underlying reasons for anger. Another approach is psycho-educational classes whereby participants attend anger management classes instead of individual therapy. Here, the emphasis is on the here-and-now, skill building and acquisition of coping skills to deal with life stresses. Why someone has poor anger skills is not emphasized as much as how to do better and be more effective.

Anger management is seen as a process of learning to respond differently to events that trigger anger. Skills are also taught to increase personal effectiveness such as stress management, forgiveness skills, learning to think optimistically (instead of pessimistically), empathy, listening and communication skills. Specific skills to correct faulty thinking patterns that generate anger and rage reactions are also a core component.

Anger Management is the process of learning to appropriately deal with normal angry feelings that we all experience and to regulate our emotions in a way to be a more effective person. The program for adults is designed to address the stressors of life that lead to violence. It also focuses on the destructive consequences of aggressive behavior. Olive Branch Counseling Center is certified to teach 16, 22, 35 and 52-week court-mandated classes for male and female offenders. However, these groups are open to both mandated and voluntary participants.

A list of class days and time can be found here, Class Schedule